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  • AnnA Franken Tangosinger


AnnA Franken is a tango singer based in Buenos Aires and Berlin.

Born in the South of Germany to an English mother and German father she moved to the Netherlands in 2003 in order to study Classical singing (Bachelor of Music). She was a happy soprano interested in Lied, Oratoria and modern classical music like Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire until she heard a sung tango for the first time (Amelita Baltar singing "Preludio para el año 3001"). That was the moment she knew she had to become a tango singer and so it was that she continued her studies of "Tango Voice" at the Rotterdam World Music Academy. However....

...studying Tango Voice and living  a Tanguero life are 2 different sets of skills.

So she packed up her belongings after finishing her Master of Music diploma in Tango Voice and moved to Buenos Aires to live in the city that is the heart of Tango Argentino, to really understand what Argentine "nostalgia" feels like, to go to tango concerts 7 times a week, take singing, composition and interpretation classes and bare witness to the birth of contemporary tangos.

AnnA has shared festival-, concert- and milonga stages in France, the BeNeLux, Switzerland, France, Germany and Buenos Aires with the Orquestas Típicas Tango Masivo (BE), OTRA and TOC (NL) and Sabor a Tango (DE), the Berlin based Quinteto Obsesión Tango, Cuarteto Rotterdam and the Dutch Trio Tangata. She also performed with the guitar ensembles Guitarras Porteñas (NL), El Barullo (ARG) and the musicians Leonardo Andersen, Julián Caeiro, Walther Castro, Victor Villena, Leo Vervelde, Claudio Constantini and Kay Sleking, amongst others.

She sang on stages such as the Kölner Philharmonie, the Laeizshalle in Hamburg,  the Admiralspalast in Berlin, de Doelen in Rotterdam, the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig as well as the Toulouse Tango Festival, the Holland Festival, the Festival für Neue Musik in Werdenberg (Switzerland) and the Tangofestival in Kortrijk (Belgium), just to name a few.

Every winter since 2012 she is the singer of the Berlin Tango Dinner Show "Locura Tanguera"  staged by the renowned German company and label La casa del Tango Berlin.

In 2016 she released her debut CD "Idas y vueltas" on that same label. The CD combines the genres of Tango Argentino with German Classical Music and has since been critically acclaimed by the international press and radio. Amongst others she is collaborating with such brilliant and inspiring musicians as Pablo Motta, Julián Caeiro, Diego 'Dipi' Kvitko, Juan Pablo Gallardo and Nicolás Enrich.

After her studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Bachelor of Music in Classical Singing) and the Rotterdam World Music Academy (Master of Music in Tango Voice) she won 2 scholarships which allowed her to continue her studies of interpretation and composition at the SADEM School in Buenos Aires as well as with Lidia Borda, Julián Peralta, Brian Chambouleyron and Alejandro Guyot.

AnnA Franken now lives in Berlin and besides performing dedicates herself to teaching singing.

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