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Obsesión Tango (CD & DVD)


Chiche Nuñez & Franca Iari (Dance)


AnnA Franken (Voice) *

Michael Dolak (Bandoneón)
Peter Reil (Bandoneón)
Susanne Cordula Welsch (Violin)
Ricarda Sibylle Bormann (Violin)
Robert Schmidt (Piano)
Anna-Maria Huhn (Double Bass)



1. Danzarín (J. Plaza) (4:00)
2. La Puñalada (P. Castellanos) (2:04)
3. El Andariego (A. Gobbi) (3:18)
4. Fruta Amarga (H. Gutiérrez / H. Manzi) (4:14) *
5. Prepárense (A. Piazzolla) (4:28)
6. Volver (C. Gardel / A. Le Pera) (5:28) *
7. Locura Tanguera (O. Ruggiero) (3:51)
8. Al Amigo Pablo Rago (R. Gallo) (4:32)
9. Desde El Alma (R. Melo) (3:06)
10. Trenzas (A. Pontier / H. Expósito) (3:41) *
11. Milonga Para Samuel (A. Schwarz) (3:48)
12. Pavadita (A. Aieta) (2:56)
13. Canaro En París (A. Scarpino / J. Caldarella) (2:48)
14. Sin Palabras (M. Mores / E. S. Discepolo) (3:22) *
15. Corralera (A. Aieta) (2:20)
16. A Fuego Lento (H. Salgán) (4:14)
17. Nostálgico (J. Plaza) (3:22)
18. Baldosa Floja (J. Bocazzi / F. Sassone) (2:27) *
19. Si Sos Brujo (E. Balcarce) (4:18)
20. Milonga De Mis Amores (P. Laurenz) (2:32)
21. Contame Una Historia (E. Blázquez / M. Iaquinandi) (2:36) *
22. Los Mareados (J. C. Cobián / E. Cadícamo) (3:17)
23. Toda Mi Vida (A. Troilo / J. M. Contursi) (3:10) *



Quinteto Obsesión Tango & AnnA Franken (Voice)


The tango quintet, has been considered one of the most brilliant and compact tango formations since 1916. Up to this day, this musical ensemble never ceases to amaze its audiences with its incredible richness of tone although being more flexible than an Orquesta Típica and more polyphonic than a quartet.

“Obsesión Tango” is a quintet, which makes use of this quality of sound as well as the pulsating power that is so typical of tango music. Five professional Berlin and Buenos Aires tangueros present their tango, which they have been living and learning in places such as Buenos Aires and Rotterdam.

Not only do they fascinate their audiences with the joy and precision of their playing, but also the dedication, which they show to the culture and music of tango. 

The enchanting voice of AnnA Franken adds yet another quality to the quintet: the tango poems she sings lead the listener even deeper into the world of tango.

The quintet dedicates itself not only to traditional but also modern 21st century interpretations of tango. This produces a varied and exciting mixture of tango classics and less known repertoire. 

The “Obsesión Tango” quintet first came together in Berlin in the autumn of 2012 to stage the Tango-Dinner-Show “Obsesión Tango”. In the course of the past years, they thrilled the tango- and music lovers of Berlin and attracted crowds from all over of Germany leading to sold out shows. 

In 2009 UNESCO declared Tango an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. By means of its obsesión for this music and culture, the quintet is sure to open more doors and reach even more tango lovers.

Booking and more information:

La Casa Del Tango Berlin GbR

Telephone: +49-(0)30-36748908


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