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Buy the physical DVD here:

There is no CD of the show "Locura Tanguera" but you can find about 80% of the show´s music on the CD "Obsesión Tango". You can buy the physical CD HERE or follow THIS LINK for the digital CD.

Locura Tanguera (Tango madness)


Judith Preuss, Christiane Rohn & Constantin Rüger (Dance)


Carola Söllner (Conférencière)


AnnA Franken (Voice) *

Michael Dolak (Bandoneón)
Peter Reil (Bandoneón)
Susanne Cordula Welsch (Violin)
Ricarda Sibylle Bormann (Violin)
Robert Schmidt (Piano)
Rodolfo Paccapelo (Doublebass)



1. Danzarín (J. Plaza)
2. El Choclo (A. Villoldo)
3. Café Domínguez (A. D’agostino)
4. Pa’ Que Bailen Los Muchachos (A. Troilo / E. Cadícamo) *
5. Reliquias Porteñas (G. De Leone)
6. Nada Más (J. D’arienzo / L. Rubistein) *
7. Jalousie (J. Gade)
8. Sin Palabras (M. Mores / E. S. Discepolo) *
9. Nostálgico (J. Plaza)
10. Absurdo (V. Expósito / H. Expósito) *
11. Baldosa Floja (J. Bocazzi / F. Sassone) *
12. Al Amigo Pablo Rago (R. Gallo)
13. Gran Hotel Victoria (F. Latasa)
14. A Mis Viejos (O. Berlingieri)
15. Volver (C. Gardel / A. Le Pera) *
16. Vals Municipal (M. E. Walsh) *
17. Oblivion (A. Piazzolla)
18. Locura Tanguera (O. Ruggiero)
19. Contame Una Historia (E. Blázquez / M. Iaquinandi) *
20. Los Mareados (J. C. Cobián / E. Cadícamo)
21. Toda Mi Vida (A. Troilo / J. M. Contursi)


Release date: 18.07.2014
Catalognr.: LCDT-06
Titel: Locura Tanguera
EAN: 4250963200108

© 2014 La Casa Del Tango Berlin

THE SHOW IS IN GERMAN (except for the sung tango repertoire)!

Locura Tanguera (Tango madness) infects indiscriminately men and women of all ages and walks of life. The symptoms of this serious illness have first been witnessed around 1880 in the regions of the Rio de la Plata. The illness has since been spreading rapidly across the globe and so far no cure has been found effective.

The transition from fascination to obsession is fluent and imperceptible. Whoever dares entering into the world of Tango will find out for himself.

Not only the members of the Show "Locura Tanguera" are possessed by the Tango - they are only a few amid a worldwide epidemic.

Locura Tanguera – a musical and visual journey of 130 years of Tango insanity...

2015 / 2016 cast:

Conférencière: Carola Söllner


Dance: Christiane Rohn, Judith Preuss,

Constantin Rüger and Felix Naschke / Rafael Busch


Quinteto Obsesión Tango & AnnA Franken

Voice: AnnA Franken

Bandoneón: Michael Dolak

Violins: Susanne Cordula Welsch, Ricarda Sibylle Bormann

Piano: Robert Schmidt

Doublebass: Anna Maria Huhn


Locura Tanguera on tour:

10.02.2017 Leipzig, Gewandhaus

11.02.2017 Osnabrück, Piesberger Gesellschafthaus

12.02.2017 Hamburg, Laeiszhalle


Shows 2016/2017 at the LaLuz, Berlin










Tango Show & Argentinean Three-course-meal: €49,-

Show without meal: €25,-

Place: "LaLuz in den Osramhöfen", Berlin

Oudenarder Straße 16-20, 13347 Berlin-Wedding


Booking and more informationen:

La Casa Del Tango Berlin GbR

Telefon: +49-(0)30-36748908




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