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The Balvanera Tango Trio was born in a café on the corner of Avenida Corrientes and Mario Bravo in Buenos Aires one cold July evening in winter.

The trio is dedicated to the contemporary interpretation of classical tango, and also to a more recent tango repertoire, own tango compositions and songs which belong to the genre of South American folklore and the Argentinian Canción.


Through the particularly intimate and casual mood during their concerts, the trio recalls the cafés and streets of the capital of the tango in the imagination and hearts of the audiences, reflecting the Argentinean mentality. As is custom in in Buenos Aires, the audience is incorporated in the programme and so invited to influence the course and the atmosphere of the concert.


Besides trio, duo and solo pieces, the residents of Buenos Aires are made even more tangible by the use of anecdotes about the city. Some of the arrangements are own compositions, some partly improvised in the style of  “a la parrilla” concerts in Argentina. Because of this every concert is unique.

Tango is passion, pain, love and longing. The casting of voice and guitar creates the typically intimate atmosphere. Pulsating rhythms against gentler, dreamy pieces offer a tango experience to fulfil every wish.


These young musicians have received their training in Buenos Aires and Rotterdam and can already look back on a full and varied series of concerts in Europe and Argentina as well as various collaborations with key figures from the tango scene on both continents (amongst them Victor Villena, Juán Falu,  Victor Villadangos, Orquesta Típica Tango Masivo, Orquesta Típica OTRA, Cuarteto Rotterdam).

They are apart of the new generation of tango musicians who have dedicated themselves to the interpretation of the contemporary tango repertoire. A large part of their artistic work is the composition of own pieces and further development of their repertoire.

Leonardo Andersen
Fabián Flombaum
AnnA Julia Franken

Leonardo Andersen (Guitar, Buenos Aires) has been coached by important and inspiring tango musicians such as Victor Villadangos and Juan Falú in the course of recent years. He has performed on stages in Argentina, Peru and Columbia, as well as on the radio and TV. He won various awards and competitions as a solo guitarist and plays not only Tango but also his own compositions in numerous Ensembles. He is in the process of finishing his studies at the conservatory "Juan José Castro" and the "Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla".

Fabián Flombaum (Guitar, Buenos Aires) ) is a guitarist, arranger and composer currently studying at the conservatory "Manuel de Falla" where he will shortly obtain his degree as a teacher of Popular Argentinean Music. Up until now he has played with leading guitarists such as Bartolome Palermo, Juán Falu, Claudio Pino Enriquez and Horacio Avilano. He accompanies singers, but has also gained great recognition as an arranger and musical leader of several tango ensembles. In recent years he has performed at every important cultural festival of the Province of Buenos Aires.

AnnA Julia Franken (Voice, EU/Buenos Aires) has performed with the Orquestas Típicas Tango Masivo (BE), OTRA (NL) as well as Sabor a Tango (DE). She has shared the stage with Tango musicians such as Victor Villena, Kay Sleking, Claudio Constantini, Leo Vervelde, Micha Molthoff and Juan Tajes as well as the Berlin based Cuarteto Rotterdam, the Sexteto Obsesión Tango as well as being part of the cast of the Tango Show Locura Tanguera in Berlin. She has performed at Tango and Music festivals in the Benelux, germany, France and Switzerland. She was the first student outside of Argentina to obtain the Master of Music diploma with Tango Voice.

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